Graycliff Financial Corporation: How to Keep Your Bank Account Safe from Garnishment and Reduce Income Taxes

Additional Protection

How to Create an Additional Layer of Protection

The belief that one must pay income tax is so deeply ingrained in one's mind that few can believe they are actually free of this burden. Becoming judgment-proof gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that even if you actually were to owe income tax, there would be nothing the government could do to make you pay it.

If you wish to achieve this second layer of protection, you can become judgment-proof (i.e., beyond the reach of creditors, including income tax authorities).

Here's how you can create this second layer of protection:

How to Become Judgment-Proof:

To become judgment-proof, all you have to do is incorporate an offshore company, open an offshore bank account, and form an international trust, all in tax havens where the laws favour people trying to protect their assets. Then your investments are held in the offshore bank account, in the name of the offshore company, and subject to the terms of the international trust. These three things give absolute protection from creditors, including income tax authorities.

We can advise you on what country is best for you, and what banks and what trust companies are best for you. If you wish, we can even arrange for having these services performed for you.

This enables you to keep your money and investments safe from litigants, including income tax authorities. And it can all be done at very little cost.