Graycliff Financial Corporation: How to Keep Your Bank Account Safe from Garnishment and Reduce Income Taxes

About Us

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Graycliff is a company built on solid experience and income tax knowledge. We have the ability to see possibilities where others see only insurmountable obstacles.

Our background in income tax law is so intensive and detailed that we are the only company that will not only take on a lost tax situation, BUT turn it around so that our clients eliminate the threat of income tax authorities.

Because of the desire for confidentiality, none of our clients wish to have their case appear on our public web site. But if you contact us, we can give you actual cases as proof of how we take apparently insolvable problems and solve them--cases where it is obvious that the taxpayer owes the tax, but where he got off scot-free because we took over the case and won it for him.

We do not negotiate settlements that enable you to pay the tax you owe. We shield you completely from the taxman, so that you pay nothing to him. And our fees are surprisingly low. You never feel that you got fleeced by us, because you get a giant financial reward before we ever get any fee whatsoever. And don't expect to pay a retainer to us for a hope that you will get a good result. With us, you never pay ahead of a good result, and the payment is always negligible compared to the result.

So call us today and see how we deliver the impossible.